If you’re a KDE developer using a recent version of glibc (since 2.10), you may have come across strange crashes complaining about memory corruption when running development versions of KDE (especially Okular, KTorrent, KNotify, and other KDE applications using threading).

This had been noticed by quite a few people (and was being tracked by KDE under bug 196207). Apparently OpenSUSE had noticed this as well and had submitted a patch to the glibc maintainers this past June, in sourceware bug 10282. I am happy to be able to say that the patch works for me™. So if you’re been having this issue, see about getting your distribution to update their glibc with this patch (or a better one, I don’t care ;)

One thought on “MALLOC_CHECK_ crashes

  1. Robert Knight Identicon Robert Knight

    Thanks for writing about this – I was expecting to have been spending a large chunk of tommorrow debugging this mysterious crash (as I wasn’t aware that it only affects users with MALLOC_CHECK_ enabled).

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