kdesvn-build 1.10

Another season, another kdesvn-build release.

Big things in this release:

  • The run-tests option, as suggested, tested, and improved by David Faure.
  • Git support, so that you can build qt-copy and amarok (and more KDE modules if/when they switch). You need to add the repository option and possibly also the branch option to select what code to clone/update. See the sample configuration file for details.
  • All KDE 3 support has been removed.
  • Various bugfixes.

I expect you may find bugs with the git support, if so please let me know so I can fix. There are sadly still a couple of reported bugs, but the only reason I went and released this was because I had nice people prompting me via e-mail. I will fix them though, I promise. ;)

Now back to my research papers…