The November update

So it’s been a busy month for me:

At work I’ve qualified as an instructor, qualified as Command Duty Officer (basically the senior-most officer on duty when everyone else goes home for the day), and just today I’ve become the Division Director for my division. Basically it just means way more work (I spent 10 hours at work today…) but on the other hand I’ll eventually get my picture on the posted Chain of Command pictureboard at the entrance. Not sure that’s the best tradeoff ever but that’s the major job I was assigned here for in the first place so onward I’ll go.

My class has a sense of humor. I mentioned yesterday that we always ran out of a particular flavor of coffee creamer first while underway. When I walked into the class today there were two little individual-sized creamers waiting for me. :)

On the KDE front, I sent the story about Sheldon’s T-shirt to a friend of mine who watches Big Bang Theory. I’ve switched kdesvn-build in trunk to not use any specific remote alias names for git repositories (since people who already had a repo clone couldn’t just use it with kdesvn-build). Finally I’ve been testing a patch to fix a JuK crash-on-shutdown bug. (My reproducer hasn’t gotten back to me though, so it may end up in trunk with me being the only tester :-/). Oh, Jeff Mitchell and Kubuntu conspired to get support for ASF and MP4 added to JuK (requires taglib 1.6, with support for MP4 and ASF specifically enabled). Still to do is to actually make a new kdesvn-build release, change the kdesvn-build name (I’m accepting reasonable suggestions!), and somehow, someway, eventually port JuK off of qt3support and kde3support.

Last (but certainly not least), on the personal level I’ve been super-busy learning LaTeX so that I could turn in two research papers (due on the same day, THANKS PROFESSORS! :P). Now I have to prepare related presentations (which I’m going to use LaTeX Beamer for).

The most somber assignment deserves its own paragraph: We received the death certificate for Emma in the mail recently. We know as much now as we did when she died; the cause of death is listed as undetermined. I need to find time during the working day to run to various Navy offices to handle the administrative mumbo-jumbo of updating my record of dependents to match. It’s still weird. Every day that I really focus my thoughts on Emma, I still don’t really accept that she’s dead. Not sure when it will finally hit me but I’m not looking forward to that day.