kdesvn-build tip o’ the day

So I woke up this morning to notice that my kdesvn-build --refresh-build run from last night had a hiccup somewhere:

screenshot of kdesvn-build errors

The problem was kdelibs failed to install, which meant every subsequent module error-ed out during the CMake process. The problem with kdelibs was related to me having an old library installed in my Qt directory since I hadn’t cleared out my Qt/KDE installation directories first (whoops).

It would be really annoying to have to type out each module to build just to skip the first four that had built right. Luckily I don’t have to do that, instead this sufficed:

$ kdesvn-build --no-src --resume-from kdepimlibs
Script started processing at Sat Dec 12 19:04:24 2009
<<<  Build Process  >>>
Building kdepimlibs (1/21)
        Preparing build system for kdepimlibs.
        Removing files in build directory for kdepimlibs

The magic here is the –resume-from command line option which skips until the given module in the build process. –no-src is only available since kdesvn-build-1.10, use –no-svn if you haven’t upgraded yet.