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So our brothers/sisters at the GNOME Project managed to hit the front page of Slashdot.

There’s a lot one could say about the topic, but I’ll just leave it at this: I think it’s ironic that a project started essentially entirely due to the non-Free nature of Qt (at that time) would decide to separate from the Free Software Foundation and GNU based on Richard Stallman’s disapproval of proprietary software. I guess the times, they are a-changin’.

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  1. Tommy.S Identicon Tommy.S

    I do not know is wrong with Gnome dev’s heads to start using Mono more and more in different places. I hope that is decision what will sink the Gnome bottom of the proprietary software sea. Even that it is still nice, it lacks lots of important features, looks ugly and has terrible usability.

  2. Vorker Identicon Vorker

    I always thought “G”nome, because “G”nu… I hope this project will die soon. It’s still in the dark age (can’t even setup my screen saver…) and it’s slugish thanks to gtk* probably. And now, they’re starting to use MS controlled C# with this mono bull and want to betray Linux and Gnu community.

  3. Emil Sedgh Identicon Emil Sedgh

    Bah, this seems really childish. What was holding them to be a GNU project by now? The love of Richard Stallman? Now that they dont love him anymore, they are moving away?

    Not a Gnome user, but I truly wish best for Gnome, for the sake of having a proper competeitor for KDE and having the freedom to choose for anyone.

  4. Matt Parry Identicon Matt Parry

    This mono mess with gnome lead by Miguel makes me grateful that we have great leaders within the KDE community such as Celeste Paul, de Groot and Arron and all. Thanks

  5. Esben Mose Hansen Identicon Esben Mose Hansen

    Easy folks. One guy calling a vote for a rather proforma-marriage does not the spell the end of the Gnome project. And if not for the Gnome project, who would we measure against? Who would force us to make desktop integration standards? Besides, I for one am more than happy to have a place to direct those who prefer few or no options in their software.

  6. Morty Identicon Morty

    As an observer the thing that puzzles me the most is, why not years ago. Kind of makes it seem that Richard Stallman has become rather out of touch, and slow to catch up on whats going on.

    After all with Gnome as a part of GNU, having for years claimed that one of their greatest benefits have been the LGPL and the ability to make proprietary software without cost. When GNU and Stallman heavily recommend to not use the LGPL, but rather the GPL for libraries as a way to force more software to be made GPL.

  7. mpyne Identicon mpyne Post author

    Esben has a good point, I wasn’t really clear in my post that the only action taken right now has been a call for a vote to detach from GNU (which I still find strange enough). I don’t think it would spell the end of GNOME or anything nearly that drastic as I would imagine standard operating procedure would simply continue more-or-less unchanged.

  8. R Identicon R

    Yes, you are rigth it’s ironic, very ironic. A desktop that initialy was named GNU OBJECT…. nowadays is refusing fsf philosophy….

  9. Tommy.S Identicon Tommy.S

    On next days news, KDE is voting to be attached to GNU. Needed votes are 0.5% to pass it.

    Changes after it will bee that we rebrand that KDE SC to GDE SC and we do not use KDE anymore to express community but instead we use FSF for it.

    And to be certain sure that GDE SC is easy to use, we just delete all other configs from panels and settings and we leave only one what is most used.

    The next step after that is to start demanding all software what use GDE SC platform to be licensed under GPLv3. And instead Linux OS, we start suggesting all people to use GNU’s own Hurd OS.

  10. Vorker Identicon Vorker


    You’re probably confusing GNU with Gnome:

    Gnome related:

    “And to be certain sure that GDE SC is easy to use, we just delete all other configs from panels and settings and we leave only one what is most used.”

    and GNU related in some way (because they rather prefer Linux then Hurd):

    “The next step after that is to start demanding all software what use GDE SC platform to be licensed under GPLv3. And instead Linux OS, we start suggesting all people to use GNU’s own Hurd OS”.

    Both scenarios are like some horror ;)

  11. andre klapper Identicon andre klapper

    Yeah, seeing the history and that G in GNOME once stand for GNU, it definitely is ironic. But the question is: What is “FSF philosophy”? Does the FSF want to become negative by fighting against closed source instead of being positive by pushing free software?

    @Tommy.S: Repeating incorrect assumptions does not make them become more true. The only Mono based application in official GNOME is Tomboy. It’s been like that for years and there are no plans to change that currently. Also there is Gnote (a port of Tomboy) for those that care more about languages than about user experience.

    @Emil Sedgh: What was holding GNOME to be a GNU project by now? Probably there simply never was enough reason to discuss the status quo, hence you remain in the current state… Now there is reason to discuss. :-)

  12. it-s Identicon it-s

    Poor GNOME :( I so hope they (as a project) will be able to carry on inspite all of this unrest within their core. First GNOME2, and now this… There is nothing wrong with GNOME as a desktop, and there is nothing wrong with taking away certain configurability in favour of stability and experience. I may not like it personally, but that is just my opinnion. On the other hand if (God forbid) something does happen to GNOME, what will KDE do all alone? :(

  13. Garth Identicon Garth

    But everyone in these discussions seems to be missing the actual point – I read planets to see what people involved in the projects are up to. When people start saying “That has nothing to do with free software” I lose some insight into the developers lives and feel like a poorer person for it. Yes, Miguel’s post was just a blatant ad, however most people mentioning proprietary software do so because they are interested in it as people, not because it makes them money.

  14.  Identicon Anonymous

    Keep in mind this discussion is about planet gnome. Stallman wants to have it “moderated” (censored?) to not have any posts about proprietary software. There is essentially no chance of the gnome project “ending” over this as some comments have suggested.

    @Garth – I agree completely. Plus, there is the following disclaimer on planet gnome:

    “Planet GNOME automatically reposts blog entries from the GNOME community. Entries on this page are owned by their authors. We do not edit, endorse or vouch for the contents of individual posts.”

    So Stallman’s assertion that aggregating these posts on the planet represents an endorsement of proprietary software is absurd.

  15. gisforgnu Identicon gisforgnu

    The fact is that Migule de Icaza and his henchman “Lefty” and other minions are waging a propaganda war on Free software on behalf of Novell and, by proxy, Microsoft to shove Mono down everyone’s throat.

    Try reading the Boycott Boycott Novell site, which de Icaza actually annonced, endorses, and appears in the comments on.

    Juvenile, hateful, and disgusting.

    Goodbye Gnome.

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