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Family Reunion results

I mentioned last entry that I would come back with photos. I also mentioned I had suffered a flat tire. I converted 9 photos that didn’t disclose tons of personally identifiable information and put them up, and in case you’re not in the mood for looking at photos I even added a “Read More” thingy for what I think is the first time ever…

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So I’m on the way to my family reunion in west Pennsylvania. And while traveling through North Carolina my front right tire goes from properly inflated to almost completely flat in about 2 seconds from what I can tell. Luckily I was passing an offramp when it happened so I was able to exit the highway immediately. Unfortunately it was at night when it happened so I get to find a tire place at some point tomorrow.

I was going to be stopping for a hotel room anyways but I guess this made the decision for me. Once I got the spare tire installed (thankfully we remember to check its air pressure) we drove across the street where there was lodging available. No sign of what caused the loss of pressure in the tire, there’s no obvious holes, rips, or tears anywhere. We even had the car run through a safety inspection prior to leaving. :-/

Anyways I’ll probably be back by Monday, I’ll try to post some pictures of the farmland my family lives on as well, as it’s fairly beautiful at times.

Update:I had a second tire go flat on me in West Virginia too, still on the way up. wtf.

Interesting news on Mono

Hmm, found something which is interesting.

Only problem is I can’t find a way to make it directly relevant to Planet KDE, where my blog is aggregated, and pasta knows we can’t have a non-KDE-related post ever hit Planet KDE. </snark>

Well, maybe in this case I’ll make an exception: Miguel de Icaza has announced that Microsoft will place C# and the .NET CLR under its Community Promise (i.e. they promise not to sue about patent infringement for implementations which meet all the required elements of the spec).

The wording seems slightly vague to me (could they sue a project that was hosting a .NET implementation before they managed to complete all the required portions of the ECMA spec? It seems to me that they could) but it’s a positive step at least.

I never really felt the need to switch to C# so I guess I’ll just continue to sit and watch on the sidelines. It is nice to see Microsoft trying to make explicitly clear that open source implementations of C# and .Net are not in their crosshairs. Maybe their lawyers have different tricks up their sleeves, but it looks good from here.

I feel so bad for Andy Roddick

When I wasn’t working on coding or checking out what’s been going on at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit this past two weeks, I’ve been spending my free time keeping track of this year’s Wimbledon tennis championship in London.

I just got done watching the Men’s singles final about an hour ago and I have to say it was one of the most impressive matches I’ve seen. Andy Roddick has often played a distant second fiddle to Roger Federer in grass court matches but today Andy was playing at an absolutely incredible level.

He forced a decisive fifth set, which in Wimbledon (among other tournaments) cannot end on a tiebreak. Federer served first and both players held their own serve for 29 games in a row. From after the third game Andy Roddick won, if he dropped serve at any point from there the match would have been effectively over, and after his fifth game his service games really were sudden death. He managed to hang on for 14 games before finally being broken by Roger Federer, who won Wimbledon 5-7 7-6(6) 7-6(2) 3-6 16-14.

That was the only time he broke Andy Roddick’s serve the entire game. Andy Roddick broke Roger Federer twice, in the first and fourth sets but was not able to win the tiebreakers in the second or third sets. In the second set Andy Roddick was up 6-2 in the tiebreak but lost 6 points in a row to lose the set.

I know Roddick is probably devastated right now thinking about how close he came to finally grabbing the Wimbledon title (he lost to Federer in 2004 and 2005) but this tennis fan at least has noticed how improved his game is this year. Hopefully there will be more top-10 players from the American men’s side soon because although Roddick is doing well he can’t keep it up forever.