CMake prefix path

I remembered reading the discussion on kde-buildsystem about CMake 2.6’s CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH environment variable. I just forgot to add it to kdesvn-build.

Today it finally caught up with me: A build failure I was having ended up being due to not having CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH defined. Although adding it to the environment manually certainly works, it’s something that should have been in kdesvn-build. Well, it is now, at least in the /trunk version of kdesvn-build. It will also be in the next release of kdesvn-build.

My recommended workaround until then is simply to manually export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/path/to/kde/install/prefix before running kdesvn-build (easiest would be to add to your .bashrc). Otherwise if you have a system KDE 4 (or the dependencies, like akonadi, strigi, etc.) then there is a good chance CMake will prefer the system installation to your kdesvn-build install and you’ll have build problems for modules expecting the trunk version of various dependencies.