Funny video about a translator kicked out of the Army

I saw this hilarious clip from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, about an Army Arabic translator who was kicked out of the Army for violating the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. (View video here). It also includes an interview with some doctor who is apparently completely retarded.

Apparently if gays were openly allowed in the military then the straight men are at risk of being raped. Also, gay men are likely to be easily distracted and do nothing but think about having sex all day long (according to this doctor). Thank God we straight men don’t have to worry about seeing women and getting distracted ourselves in our job! Oh, wait… we do see women. Hmm. (Actually that’s a teensy lie, there are no women in submarines at this point so that’s not something I’ll need to worry about).

The best part of all is that the Army is in such desperate need even now for translators that according to the latest re-enlistment bonus packages, translators who can read Arabic receive the absolute maximum amount Congress authorizes as a reenlistment bonus. They even get paid more than nuclear-qualified sailors. I guess the Army didn’t need this one bad enough though. Well, I shouldn’t say that, I’m sure the brass would have loved to keep someone with his talents if they weren’t forced by regulations to remove him. :-/