Monthly Archives: July 2005

KDE 4 moved to /trunk

Big news for KDE developers: KDE 4 is nowgoing to be in /trunk. Update: I should have read the email better. As of this writing, no modules have actually be moved to trunk. Although the branch has already been created. Or in other words, /trunk isn’t KDE 4 quiet yet. Sorry for the confusion. Anways, KDE 4 will be in mainline development soon, with the upcoming KDE 3.5 now in a branch directory. The schedule seems to be still a bit undecided for 3.5, but now is the time to get your applications ported to KDE 4. ;-)

coolo mentioned kdesvn-build. I’m hoping it helps to make the transition easier as well. I’ll be frank and admit that I haven’t done much with KDE 4 and kdesvn-build at this point. I think what I may do is release an update to kdesvn-build (in /branches/KDE/3.5) as 0.97.1, making it default to downloading from 3.5 for now, while the version in trunk would remain unchanged (defaulting to /trunk). The only problem with that plan is that I believe the directory structure for 3.5 is slightly different, I may need to investigate and test on that before making the release.

I suppose now I have to setup a new KDE 4 build user. ;-)

Update: kdesvn-build 0.97.1 was released, containing the consolidated goodies over the last month of development, and defaulting to downloading KDE 3.5. If you plan on using kdesvn-build for KDE 4 development, please continue to use the version in trunk. From my basic testing it looks like everything should work fine if you’re using this for the initial checkout. Please file a bug if there’s something awry.

Alien Hominid

Been playing Alien Hominid for the Gamecube today. This has to be one of the funniest and just overall bestest games I’ve played in a while. Although I still stink at side scrolling shooters. :-(

In other news I’ve been working on making kdesvn-build even better. Now it supports quiet mode, and emailing reports on a build failure. If it needs to email a report it will try to extract the relevant information from the error log instead of just mailing you the whole thing as well.

While restructing kdesvn-build to support quiet mode, I went and cleaned up the code in places and made a few small changes. For example, now kdesvn-build won’t abort when you pass a module on the command line that isn’t in your configuration file, meaning that it’s (in theory) possible to download and compile a whole new module without having to add it to your .kdesvn-buildrc, which is useful for a one-time shot, like if you were going to install something from kdereview or extragear.

In other news, have a test coming up tomorrow for Power School, hoping to do well on that. I only got 3.09 out of 4 on the last one so I’ve studied harder this time. ;-)


So I spent some time over this past weekend trying to make sure that kdesvn-build works on FreeBSD instead of just working on Linux. Someone at #kde-devel was gracious enough to give me access to a FreeBSD system for testing purposes.

I was actually quite surprised at how little I had to do to get kdesvn-build to run. There was only one thing that I can find so far that I messed up in kdesvn-build, which was to use GNU-specific command line arguments to the copy program. And this was only for the qt-copy module.

After fixing that bug though, kdesvn-build would still often fail on the test system. So I tried tracking down the cause of other errors, and it turns out that the KDE build system doesn’t quite detect all versions of autoconf and automake. Normally it works anyways since most people have the tools installed as automake and autoconf. For systems that didn’t, however, like the FreeBSD install I had access to, if you didn’t have your tools named with one of the searched-for filenames, KDE would be unable to build.

So I went and rewrote the autotools detection code. It wasn’t hard or anything, so it’s not like this was a major hack. However it does mean, from what I understand, that FreeBSD users won’t need to install the special gnu-autoconf and gnu-automake ports just to build KDE anymore (as long as the autotools are installed, that is). I’ve also had someone report that now KDE on NetBSD gets at least through make -f Makefile.cvs without patches required now. :-)

Another bonus is that you can now use environment variables before you run make -f Makefile.cvs to point to exactly the program you want to use. As an example, you could set AUTOMAKE=”/usr/bin/automake19″ if you wanted to override the new detection code.

One final change is that if you have a script just called “automake”, and then a versioned automake script (e.g. automake18), the unversioned script will be preferred, which is a change from the old code. This also applies to autoconf.

What this means is that the latest version of kdesvn-build (in trunk, not v0.97) should be able to get much further in building KDE from trunk on FreeBSD than it did before. I’ve tested qt-copy and arts so far, which is hardly a representative example, but then it’s not my machine. ;-) If you use unsermake, you also need to make sure you update unsermake to pick up a change I made to call the correct autoconf. If you experience any problems with the changes please let me know.

A Shame

I can’t really think of much to add to the news about what happened in
London, other than to say it makes me feel very badly about what happened, and
the state of the world today.

Edit: I revised the first paragraph because I’m apparently unable to
quite put into words exactly the way I feel, and about why I feel being in the
Navy is helpful, and so it’s started more discussion than is worth it.

I wanted to point out a post by a Christian Mozilla hacker, Gervase Markham. He reminds us that according to Jesus, our enemies are just as deserving of our prayers as our allies. It’s something that I hope that all Christians out there keep in mind during the backlash that is sure to come against the Muslim community. Violence begets violence, hatred begets hatred. Nothing will ever change as long as we are pointing our guns at each other.

Just as we eradicated many diseases in industrialized nations by controlling their carriers (yellow fever, malaria, etc.) through habitat control and other means, I think the way to stop terrorism is to eliminate the conditions that spawn it as much as possible. So yes, let’s work to capture and stop the terrorists, but let us also work to stop good men and women from becoming terrorists in the first place, for in the end that way will be much more effective than playing whack-a-mole.

Have a good weekend.

I’m going to be heading down to visit some family over this weekend since I get another day (Monday) off. It will be the last extended weekend in awhile. :-(

I’ve been working on abakus lately, and I have the features I want in the next release done. But I still need to write the user documentation, and that’s slow going. Oh well, it’ll be nice when it’s finally released.

aseigo tells me he’s got kdesvn-build to work with the KDE 4 branch. So has Inorog from my understanding. Maybe one of them will explain to the rest of Planet KDE how they went about it. ;-)

Other than that, I’m exhausted. Luckily I hopefully won’t have mandatory extra study hours once the “real” school starts. That is, unless my grades start to slip (which I have no intention of allowing to happen. =D).