Daily Archives: 24 - Jun - 2005

Busy busy busy

Last week I started my next school for my training to be a submarine officer. It has been quite hectic, I generally don’t really have time to do much once I get home since I have to do the normal stuff like eat, take a shower, maybe check my email, and then whoops, time for bed. The hours for this school are incredibly long. Although one nice thing is that they generally don’t try to beat the unimportant stuff into our heads. One student asked a question during the explanation of a certain type of equation solving method, and the instructor explained about alternate methods, but then added, “Don’t worry about it though, you won’t need it.”

Today I played Unreal Tournament online with one of my classmates. And just last weekend my wife and I went our for dinner with another student and his wife. It’s kind of nice getting some more person-to-person interaction (indeed, the closeness of the submariner community was a big reason I chose this difficult route).

Unfortunately this doesn’t really leave me time during much of the week for KDE-related things. It’s a shame too, as there is increasingly so much that could be done that I’d like to help with. Oh well, maybe on the weekends. ;-)