Daily Archives: 03 - Jun - 2005

I’m back (online)

I’m finally back on the intarweb. It’s kind of ironic. I’ve been in my new location for a full week. I *just* got my things moved in here yesterday, and the cable guys finally got the Internet to work after two trips over here.

The first trip was on Friday, the day after I moved up here. I was even excited that the service was going to be connected so quickly. The cable guy informed me that there was apparently a wire cut somewhere in the apartment attic (my unit doesn’t have access to the attic), and that he wouldn’t be able to get anything working. It was kind of annoying, but he made up for it by having used Linux enough to prefer KDE over GNOME. ;-) He was pretty impressed when I told him that I contribute to the KDE project. What’s even more amazing is that his only experience with KDE comes via Red Hat, which doesn’t exactly ship a polished KDE desktop with every release.

Thanks to the Memorial Day weekend, our goods didn’t even make it into the city I live in now until yesterday, even though it’s only a four hour drive from my old house. So I was without all of my furniture, my washer, and various other niceties. My wife and I did fill our cars up with things before we left, so she had her laptop, which proved absolutely invaluable, and I still had my desktop system. At least we were able to watch the Strong Bad email DVD collection. The movers re-assembled approximately 0% of the furniture (they didn’t even hook up the washer and dryer like they’re supposed to). They were real polite though, and only broke our el cheapo furniture (which we’ll be putting a claim on anyways.)

It turns out that I live like 20 feet away from a fellow student and Officer of mine, who loaned me the air mattress that he used when he first moved in a couple of weeks before I did. To pass the time over the past week my wife and I did a lot of driving around, visiting stores and the movie theater (and, of course, the bowling alley). We also visited yet another fellow Officer who was having a weekend party. It turns out that I’m OK at volleyball, but not so good at playing the Mafia party game where you sometimes are chosen to be the Mafia guy and must try to kill all the townspeople without them killing you first.

Now I await the start of school, when I can apparently expect 0530 – 1730 days (or worse…), along with mandatory studying on weekends. =D Before that I suppose I should finish unpacking though.