Daily Archives: 21 - Aug - 2004


I guess this will be number 2 in my series of neat-bug-reports-assigned-to-developers-who-have-burned-out.

In this bug, we see the horrifying tale of a user who accidentally ran yum on his Red Hat system with /usr mounted read-only, corrupting his rpm database in the process, instead of gracefully failing.

The response from the developer? UBD.

Now I’ll admit, the user shouldn’t have expected yum to work with /usr mounted ro (oh wait, he didn’t expect it to work). But I think that corrupting the rpm db would be a little much for punishment.

Mind you, I still get bugs like this every so often with KDE, where if the X Server crashes, my configuration gets all garbled. But then again, I haven’t seen that bug for awhile now, so it’s probably been fixed.