Daily Archives: 12 - Aug - 2004

Showing images on Planet KDE

After seeing Sashmit’s blog entry on adding notifications to akregator, I figured the secret to showing images on Planet KDE was out. Of course, it was only a secret since clee and I forgot to mention it. :-)

Firstly, images from blogs were disabled on Planet KDE so that people hosting images on their own computer wouldn’t have their computer turned into a nice pile of molten slag. Of course, the image isn’t always hosted on the blogger’s computer, or perhaps it’s really really small. In that case, you can make an image show up on Planet KDE by adding an attribute to the tag, class=”rapemewithachainsawthanks”. The attribute was named by clee, to remind you that a lot of people will potentially be viewing your image. So either make sure you can handle it, or that’s it hosted somewhere else that allows direct linking to images.