Daily Archives: 07 - Aug - 2004


So, I’ve been trying to do some *cough* quality testing of KDE, making sure
it will build from scratch. Since I’m doing this, I figured I might as well
upgrade GCC as well. So I get GCC 3.4.1 installed, no problems, and started
compiling KDE.

Unfortunately, I was getting the weirdest errors. Stuff like
undefined virtual thunks and such. It soundest like a libstdc++ problem, but
g++ was using the correct version.

Turns out that the problem was that I was using distcc, and forgot to
upgrade gcc on my other machine. I had even realized I was using distcc, and
it still didn’t occur to me earlier. Go figure.

This is what makes icecream (in kdenonbeta) so nice. From what I
understand, icecream will send over the GCC binary to each build machine, saving
you the trouble of upgrading yourself. The catch is that GCC has to be
compiled for the lowest common denominator machine, but that should be no big

I’m suffering from too much inertia to switch now, but for all of you other
distcc users, just remember: If you upgrade GCC on one machine, don’t forget
to upgrade GCC on all of them!