Daily Archives: 05 - Aug - 2004


I’m working now on an idea I have to refactor JuK’s playlist code to make the previous/next track decision code independent of the playlist code. The idea being to finally add support for the #2 requested feature in JuK, the ‘upcoming’ playlist.

The way I see it, this kind of thing is only useful in the sense that you can queue music to be played, and the music is automatically removed from the queue when it’s played. What I’m planning right now is that when the upcoming playlist is enabled, the track decision code would defer to the upcoming playlist, otherwise everything proceeds as normal. As the tracks get played from the upcoming playlist, they get removed. When the playlist is empty, playback stops.

One possibility is that the upcoming playlist can automatically keep at least foo amount of tracks queued up, so you can review the songs you’re about to hear without having to click Next when you hear a song you don’t like. I’ve still not decided how I would implement that, although it seems to me that this would only be useful for Random Play.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to.