Daily Archives: 01 - Aug - 2004


No, this isn’t about Mono. I just wanted to let clee know that his dotNET style works a lot better now thanks to SadEagle. clee and I agreed that if he managed to fix the horrible horrible button sizing problems with dotNET that I would have to use it for one week.

Of course, that’s like someone saying they’d pay me to hack on JuK; I want to use dotNET anyways. So I think I ended up with the better part of this deal. Now to go see if I can sell snow to some Eskimos. :-D


I am dedicating this blog entry to letting the world know that Clarence Dang’s KolourPaint, due to be included in KDE 3.3, is a very kick-ass painting program. Mind you, it’s not the Kimp, but it is much much better than KPaint ever was. And unlike MS Paint, it supports such niceties as transparency, and a selection of image effects (not just Resize / Skew). Also, there’s no Settings dialog; it doesn’t need one. :-)

You can’t make a hackergotchi head in it, but it is suitable for a great many imaging tasks that I formerly had to fire GIMP up for. Thanks, Clarence!