Monthly Archives: July 2004

Air conditioning actually sorta works

Well, the air conditioning is working a little better now. Turns out it wasn’t so much the air conditioning that was broken as the adjuster switch, which seems to be telling the air conditioning unit, “Yes, I love living in a sauna, so please tone down the cold.”

The repairman is currently out looking for a replacement switch, but until then he has managed to convince the air conditioning that our climate is closer to North Carolina’s than the North Pole, so it’s now a little cooler in here.

In JuK-related news, I was trying earlier today to make an output backend for gstreamer-0.8, even though the KDE bindings haven’t been updated.

OK, you can quit laughing at me now. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the JuK will get gstreamer-0.8 support for KDE 3.3, because I’m sure as hell not going to do gstreamer’s job of picking a reasonable output sink. (And don’t tell me about autoplug, I already know about it.)

Where’s your hackergotchi? It’s waiting for you!

Aaron, you can have your floaty head when you make one, like I did. It took me about an hour and a half, taking the picture with the right pose, cropping out the head just so, clone brushing some of the blemishes out, etc. ;-)

Edit: if you’re referring to a picture on, then you should
probably just bug clee about importing
it instead of wasting 1.5 hours of your life. ;-)


Wow, some of these bugs keep getting weirder. Juk was crashing in certain situations because a function which for the life of me appears re-entrant seemed to be unable to cope with being called multiple times. Or maybe it’s a side effect of changes the calling function was making. Either way, I didn’t have time to investigate too deeply, so I turned the code path into a poor man’s critical section.

In home news today, I bought some Tabasco sauce because my cat keeps trying to bite and chew the vertical blinds I installed since she destroyed the old horizontal blinds. Sometimes it’s like you can’t win, but I want to be there when she tries to bite on the blinds now that I’ve coated them in some hot sauce. Muahahaha. :)

Also, anyone who has cats can tell you that litter boxes smell. So what I also bought today was an air filtering device for the laundry room (which is where the litter box is). It’ll take time to see if there’s any effect, but that’s OK. I can wait.

Unfortunately, my air conditioning is broken. In the middle of summer. In Florida. Luckily I live right next to the housing office, so it’s not a long trip to give them a piece of my mind. :-)

Working on my build script some more

So, it occurred to me that configuring my build script is probably not the easiest thing in the world. I’ve been trying to write a GUI to make it easier, but that’s not too much fun either.

So, what I’ve cooked up today is a CGI script on my server to help flesh out a config file for you. It’s rather bare-bones at this moment, but it (seems to) work. There’s still more I need to do to it, but it’s up at in case anyone wants to try it out and give me feedback. :-)

Miscellaneous news

So I finally figured out why arts wasn’t working for me the past few days. Turns out that aeons ago when I setup my single-user KDE account, I forgot to add ${KDEDIR}/lib to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and now arts couldn’t find its libraries. So now the question becomes, how is it that anything at all worked before? I seriously believe that for this entire time I’ve been running KDE CVS on KDE 3.2 libraries, which would explain my sound problems.

Speaking of sound, I can confirm it: aKode kicks ass. It just does, no getting around it. I seriously hope this is default for 3.3 (it might already be, I’m not sure). carewolf deserves a big round of applause for getting arts to perform as well as it does.

Speaking of ass kicking (am I beginning to sound like clee or what? :-D), I’m hoping to help get JuK down to less than 10 bugs (i.e., no wishlist items) in time for RC1. We’re already
getting close.

In taglib news, Scott is hoping to release 1.2 tomorrow, and so he has prepared a release candidate. You can find it at, so please try it out!! In case you’re wondering what taglib is, it’s a library to make it easy for applications to read the meta-data on my different types of audio files, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC. It’s used by JuK and amaroK, among others, and 1.2 fixes a few bugs, including a weird comment-clipping bug in MP3 files.

Also, I released v0.80 of kdecvs-build today. The only major change was the addition of an option to set environment variable values so that I can quit creating options to do that specific task. :-D.

JuK Tree View Mode changes

Yesterday I committed my fixes to the JuK tree view mode to CVS. It should work much better now, as it dynamically adjusts the entries in the tree view depending on the tags present in the Collection List. It will even add/remove entries as needed after you edit a tag. :-)

I think one of the things that is hard to see as a developer running KDE from HEAD is how much it improves, since it’s generally so incremental. It’s not until I run KDE 3.2 that I noticed how much we’ve accomplished for 3.3. Of course, there’s always more to do, and that I wish I could have done, but I’m actually rather content doing bugfixing right now, as I want JuK to be as stable as possible for 3.3.

If anyone has heard the song Peaches by The Presidents of the United States, let me just tell you that it takes on a whole new meaning when you’re driving up to a farm where my grandmother literally has shelves full of cans peaches in the cellar. I brought a box full back to my house, so now I have to eat them before they go bad. :-)

I’m back

Well, my weeklong vacation to my grandmother’s in Pennsylvania is over, and
I’m back safe and sound.

Short summary: It was fun, Pennsylvania is beautiful, the Internet is
horrible there, and I have about 200 photos, most of which turned out
remarkably good.

I probably have a billion e-mails to read, but that will have to wait until
after I’ve had a nap, as I’m extremely worn-out from the drive back

Vacation status

So, I got up here after driving for about 15 hours safe and sound. So far
it has been fun up here, moreso than I thought. Sometimes it’s nice just to
sit back and just chat with your relatives I guess.

Everyone will be arriving either tonight or tomorrow, when it will get
really hectic. My wife wants to leave early because she’s rather bored, not
that I blame her. :-)

Anyways, although I’ve obviously found a way to connect to the Internet, I
probably won’t be able to check my e-mail, as this connection ties up the one
phone line my grandmother has. I’ll report back later, though.

Going Away

So I’m leaving tonight for a trip to my grandparents’ house for a family reunion. Although we will have a laptop, we won’t have much in the way of Internet access, which is probably for the best what with the freeze starting and all. ;-)

But before I leave, I wanted to make sure people knew about different things that have been going on. For example, JuK won’t compile for a lot of people ever since I fixed some bugs where JuK would merrily ignore errors writing to disk. The problem is actually that taglib (from kdesupport) hasn’t been updated by those with problems compiling. Scott had actually had the changes in for three weeks now, and we can’t hold off on the bugfix forever. ;-). So if you have problems compiling because of tag.cpp, upgrade taglib.

Also, I’ve been working on the bugs with the tree view mode (such as duplicate entries due to case differences in the text, and the fact that removing the last song by an artist doesn’t remove the artist’s entry in the tree view, or the fact that adding songs after startup doesn’t add the appropriate entries.

The code is working now, although it seems a little inefficient, so I’m trying to get it optimized. If anyone wants to try patching their copy of CVS JuK with the patch, you can download it from my site.