kdesrc-build update for Git migration

So this morning kde-core-devel was emailed to notify that a few projects that used to be hosted in kdesupport have moved to git.kde.org.

What this means for you if you use kdesrc-build is that you should probably update your ~/.kdesrc-buildrc to add the projects separately since they will no longer be built as part of kdesupport.

Affected are Akonadi (the underlying PIM layer, which might be required for kdelibs, I forget), Attica (“Implements the Open Collaboration Services API”, I assume this means it’s required as well) and Soprano (C++ RDF framework, used for Nepomuk. I believe Soprano is required even if Nepomuk is not being used, but that could also be wrong).

My recommendation is to add the following modules after your existing kdesupport module, before any other modules:

module soprano
    repository git://git.kde.org/soprano.git
end module

module attica
    repository git://git.kde.org/attica.git
end module

module akonadi
    repository git://git.kde.org/akonadi.git
end module

Naturally if you will be doing development on these repositories and not simply checking out a read-only copy for build purposes you should use the git@git.kde.org:foo.git form of the repository URL.

This migration to git has the potential to get annoying for end-users, especially as we modularize more and more. To that end, the KDE Sysadmin team is working on a specification for grouping related modules together, which kdesrc-build will support, that way you could just do something like:

kde-module-group kdeplatform
    # References known XML module grouping
end kde-module-group

and things would Automagically Work. Stay tuned…