Big update collection

Unfortunately I haven’t made any blog updates in awhile. I’ve been very busy between work and school (and I will likely spend this weekend working on a 20 page project that I’ve written 0 pages for ;). That doesn’t mean I have nothing to report though…

First off, I have renamed kdesvn-build to kdesrc-build to reflect the fact that it builds from Git-based software repositories. In conjunction I released kdesrc-build 1.12 which has various minor improvements, including a few Git improvements.

I’ve complained about my car breaking down. It’s fixed, although I will be selling it now (my wife and I were debating the merits of getting an improved car for awhile before, this incident sealed the decision).

Just today I’ve committed a new feature to JuK, the sadly neglected KDE Software Compilation music manager. Now you can use the scroll wheel in the track announcement popup to quickly switch tracks without having to use the Next/Prev buttons. It’s probably already in every other media player with a playlist, but it’s at least in JuK now. Note that this is a 4.6 new feature, not 4.5.

I’ve also been “reviewing” a patch to further remove Qt3 support code from JuK, which I will try to clean up and get comitted this release cycle. The big thing I still need to do is to finally convert from K3ListView to a real Model/View architecture to finally be rid of Qt3Support. Help is always appreciated btw =D

Burkhard Lück, the documentation super-hero, has been improving JuK documentation for me, but I still need to make some changes that he’s requested to bring the docs closer to 2008-era (let alone 2010) :(

That’s another good “intro to KDE Platform” kind of job by the way, it’s how I got introducing into coding for JuK myself. ;)