Well, George…

You don’t have to use KDE 4. (And I can’t believe I’m actually having to make that part clear) Really people should use whatever makes them most comfortable, productive, fits with their needs better, etc. Just use what you want.

With that said, saying that you do not like desktop effects is not a good reason to avoid KDE 4. I happen to like desktop effects but I’m not using them, even though I’m in a KDE 4 desktop (due to a stupid problem somewhere in the driver toolchain). In fact I know for a fact, given that I recently tested it, that KDE 4 works just fine even in a Composite-less X11. So I forget what propaganda technique it is (straw man argument?) but in short that reason has absolutely nothing to do with KDE 4.

Really your whole rant could have been more concisely expressed without a single reason (as after all, you should be able to use whatever desktop environment you want) and you wouldn’t have people nitpicking your exact reasons that way. ;)