It’s nice to get some dedicated coding time

Knocked out a few minor kdesvn-build bugs in my free time today (even if I am crazy tired now, maybe they won’t be “bugfixes” when I wake up this morning!)


In other good news, the documentation styling improvements I was pondering a couple weeks ago were added in time to make 4.4. Speaking of documentation, Burkhard Lück noticed that the /trunk documentation for kdesvn-build was significantly out-of-date compared to the ones (since I did not commit during the freeze), and got the updated docs imported. (And he might be able to backport them for 4.4.1 as well)

Finally if you’re as big a fan of the man and info kioslaves as I am you may have noticed that URLs of the form man:foo (or info:foo, etc.) don’t work in KRunner in the release candidate or betas (bug 221371). I think I have a fix for that which I’ll try to get in before the 4.4 tagging, but if that doesn’t happen then you can workaround by using man:/foo or info:/foo URLs until then.