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Hmm, found something which is interesting.

Only problem is I can’t find a way to make it directly relevant to Planet KDE, where my blog is aggregated, and pasta knows we can’t have a non-KDE-related post ever hit Planet KDE. </snark>

Well, maybe in this case I’ll make an exception: Miguel de Icaza has announced that Microsoft will place C# and the .NET CLR under its Community Promise (i.e. they promise not to sue about patent infringement for implementations which meet all the required elements of the spec).

The wording seems slightly vague to me (could they sue a project that was hosting a .NET implementation before they managed to complete all the required portions of the ECMA spec? It seems to me that they could) but it’s a positive step at least.

I never really felt the need to switch to C# so I guess I’ll just continue to sit and watch on the sidelines. It is nice to see Microsoft trying to make explicitly clear that open source implementations of C# and .Net are not in their crosshairs. Maybe their lawyers have different tricks up their sleeves, but it looks good from here.

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  1. Bruno Identicon Bruno

    Nice !
    Let´s Gnome Fill their base with Mono, then get bloated by this interpreted C# thing.
    Qt4 is superior , Kde then will SO much lighter than Gnome , with much more features !
    Victory is our !

  2. tbocek Identicon tbocek

    “Community Promise”? Do they actually SIGN anything? Or do they just keep claiming that they won’t sue, until they do? If they did, would the court find that they were bound by this “community promise”? Even with Microsoft’s fleet of lawyers on their side? Sorry, but I just can’t buy it. This doesn’t make C# one bit less dangerous in my view.

    Also, the bit about needing to “fully conform to the specification” to be covered is a little unsettling. So if Mono releases a beta version with some missing functionality, all of a sudden it’s fair game?

  3. gantenbein Identicon gantenbein

    @tbocek: “Q: Is this Community Promise legally binding on Microsoft and will it be available in the future to me and to others?

    A: Yes, the CP is legally binding upon Microsoft. The CP is a unilateral promise from Microsoft and in these circumstances unilateral promises may be enforced against the party making such a promise. Because the CP states that the promise is irrevocable, it may not be withdrawn by Microsoft. The CP is, and will be, available to everyone now and in the future for the specifications to which it applies. As stated in the CP, the only time Microsoft can withdraw its promise against a specific person or company for a specific Covered Specification is if that person or company brings (or voluntarily participates in) a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft regarding Microsoft’s implementation of the same Covered Specification. This type of “suspension” clause is common industry practice. “

  4. Maik Beckmann Identicon Maik Beckmann

    Very interesting,

    I keep my excitement until FSF’s lawyers commented on this :)

  5. STiAT Identicon STiAT

    I like this. I really do. C# is a very nice development language, even when I personally like C++/Qt better. Qt is lighter, and Qt is better integrated in the operating systems than .NET (as a “platform”).

    Even though, it’s a good step. It’s just crap having a per-se standard developed having the possibility to claim anybody who tries to implement this standard.

    Since I like the style of C#, I’d really love Qt C# bindings (just for the fun of learning yet-another-development-language). Even though, it would be easier for me to port a project in our company from C#/.NET to C#/Qt.

  6. Cyrille Berger Identicon Cyrille Berger

    How does this relate to wimbledon ! ;p
    But if you wanted to make a connection to KDE, you could have mention the Qyoto bindings for Qt/KDE.
    @bruno repeat after me “C# and Java aren’t interpreted”, distributing an executable on a non-native format doesn’t mean the language is interpreted (and on slight note, Ruby, Python, JS (see google chrome) are also going the JIT road).

  7. maninalift Identicon maninalift

    This was pointedm out in a comment on a gnome blog:

    “This promise applies to the identified version of
    the following specifications. New versions of previously
    covered specifications will be separately considered for
    addition to the list”

    So an implementation could theoretically be stuck at a given version at the hour of Microsoft’s choosing. Not quite as bad as having the legality of the used version pulled out from under you but a pretty big fail nevertheless.

    Reference “ruurd” on:

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