Attention kdesvn-build users

If you’ve been using kdesvn-build to build qt-copy, I recommend updating to the Subversion /trunk version, or using the 1.9.1 release. This is to adapt to a recent change to the qt-copy configure script, which causes an infinite loop (with subsequent disk fillup thanks to output logging). 1.9.1 will not work with older versions of qt-copy however.

For those who are interested, the change is to add a method for accepting a license without user prompting, which means that the previous method kdesvn-build employed (essentially running sed on the configure script) is now unnecessary (and harmful :-/).

In other KDE news, I ran across an issue with KWin closing on me after I closed out of all applications, starting from the other day. I’ve committed a fix to trunk, but I’m still not sure why it’s started exactly. But if you’re running into issues with KWin closing on you when you close all windows make sure to update kdebase.