Improved crossfading

I’ve been improving JuK a lot over the past week or so trying to get it into better shape for KDE 4.1 (and 4.0.5).

What I’ve worked on today was the issue with crossfading where the volume differential between the songs would go haywire initially. I think I’ve got it as good as I can get it from JuK, but now there’s something else I need.

I have posted an email to kde-multimedia detailing my problem, but basically I want to use the gstreamer phonon backend to test whether the problem lies with JuK or with phonon-xine.

The first problem was that JuK wouldn’t work with phonon-gst because JuK made some inaccurate assumptions about when Phonon would actually start playing after being told. (Hint: Not immediately, the backend has to setup first).

That is fixed in both the 4.0 and trunk branches now. But when using phonon-gst to playback a song, any time I switch to the next track JuK crashes on an assertion in phonon-gst. This happens even if I do not allow crossfading. This does *not* happen if I slow it down in gdb by single stepping. So I think it’s a timing issue.

Anyone out there use phonon-gst and could tell me what I’m doing wrong?